2020 Fantasy Sleepers

Our fantasy football sleepers are determined dynamically by comparing our 2020 NFL player rankings against other reputable sources. Sleepers are assigned a score based on the ranking differential, with the highest scores being those sleepers who are most likely out-play their projected value.

Quarterback Sleepers

Cleveland Browns helmet
Baker Mayfield
#13 CLE Browns - 2 years exp , Bye 9
+6 CSWR: Ranked 15th among QBs
CBS: Ranked 21st among QBs
GAM=16, PAYD=3827, PATD=22, RUCA=28, RUYD=141, RUTD=3, INT=21, FUM=2, FPPG=16.9, TFP=271
Green Bay Packers helmet
Aaron Rodgers
#12 GB Packers - 15 years exp , Bye 5
+4 CSWR: Ranked 11th among QBs
CBS: Ranked 15th among QBs
GAM=16, PAYD=4002, PATD=26, RUCA=46, RUYD=183, RUTD=1, INT=4, FUM=4, FPPG=20.3, TFP=324
Tennessee Titans helmet
Ryan Tannehill
#17 TEN Titans - 7 years exp , Bye 7
+4 CSWR: Ranked 18th among QBs
CBS: Ranked 22nd among QBs
GAM=12, PAYD=2742, PATD=22, RUCA=43, RUYD=185, RUTD=4, INT=6, FUM=3, FPPG=22.2, TFP=266

Runnings Back Sleepers

Chicago Bears helmet
Tarik Cohen
#34 CHI Bears - 3 years exp , Bye 11
+9 CSWR: Ranked 37th among RBs
CBS: Ranked 46th among RBs
GAM=16, RUCA=64, RUYD=213, RUTD=0, RETR=104, RECP=79, REYD=456, RETD=3, FUM=0, FPPG=5.3, TFP=85
Detroit Lions helmet
Kerryon Johnson
#34 DET Lions - 2 years exp , Bye 5
+8 CSWR: Ranked 29th among RBs
CBS: Ranked 37th among RBs
GAM=8, RUCA=113, RUYD=403, RUTD=3, RETR=15, RECP=10, REYD=127, RETD=1, FUM=1, FPPG=9.4, TFP=75
Arizona Cardinals helmet
Chase Edmonds
#34 ARI Cardinals - 2 years exp , Bye 8
+6 CSWR: Ranked 47th among RBs
CBS: Ranked 53rd among RBs
GAM=10, RUCA=60, RUYD=303, RUTD=4, RETR=21, RECP=12, REYD=105, RETD=1, FUM=0, FPPG=7.1, TFP=71

Wide Receiver Sleepers

Buffalo Bills helmet
John Brown
#12 BUF Bills - 5 years exp , Bye 11
+7 CSWR: Ranked 40th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 47th among WRs
GAM=15, RETR=115, RECP=72, REYD=1060, RETD=6, RUYD=7, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=9.5, TFP=143
New Orleans Saints helmet
Emmanuel Sanders
#10 NO Saints - 10 years exp , Bye 6
+6 CSWR: Ranked 52nd among WRs
CBS: Ranked 58th among WRs
GAM=17, RETR=97, RECP=66, REYD=869, RETD=5, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=6.9, TFP=117
Dallas Cowboys helmet
Amari Cooper
#89 DAL Cowboys - 4 years exp , Bye 10
+5 CSWR: Ranked 13th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 18th among WRs
GAM=16, RETR=119, RECP=79, REYD=1189, RETD=8, RUYD=6, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=10.5, TFP=168

Tight End Sleepers

Carolina Panthers helmet
Ian Thomas
#80 CAR Panthers - 2 years exp , Bye 13
+5 CSWR: Ranked 16th among TEs
CBS: Ranked 21st among TEs
GAM=9, RETR=30, RECP=16, REYD=136, RETD=1, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=2.2, TFP=20
Baltimore Ravens helmet
Mark Andrews
#85 BAL Ravens - 2 years exp , Bye 8
+1 CSWR: Ranked 2nd among TEs
CBS: Ranked 3rd among TEs
GAM=15, RETR=98, RECP=64, REYD=852, RETD=10, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=1, FPPG=9.5, TFP=143
Los Angeles Chargers helmet
Hunter Henry
#0 LAC Chargers - 4 years exp , Bye 10
+1 CSWR: Ranked 8th among TEs
CBS: Ranked 9th among TEs
GAM=12, RETR=76, RECP=55, REYD=652, RETD=5, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=7.9, TFP=95

Kicker Sleepers

Philadelphia Eagles helmet
Jake Elliott
#8 PHI Eagles - 3 years exp , Bye 9
+5 CSWR: Ranked 11th among Ks
CBS: Ranked 16th among Ks
GAM=16, MAFG=22, MIFG=4, MAXP=35, MIXP=2, FPPG=5.4, TFP=87
Carolina Panthers helmet
Joey Slye
#4 CAR Panthers - 1 years exp , Bye 13
+5 CSWR: Ranked 13th among Ks
CBS: Ranked 18th among Ks
GAM=16, MAFG=25, MIFG=7, MAXP=31, MIXP=4, FPPG=5.1, TFP=81
Miami Dolphins helmet
Jason Sanders
#3 MIA Dolphins - 2 years exp , Bye 11
+4 CSWR: Ranked 26th among Ks
CBS: Ranked 30th among Ks
GAM=15, MAFG=23, MIFG=7, MAXP=29, MIXP=1, FPPG=5.1, TFP=76

Defense Sleepers

New England Patriots helmet
New England Patriots
Bye 6
+4 CSWR: Ranked 1st among DFs
CBS: Ranked 5th among DEFs
GAM=16, FREC=11, INT=25, SACK=47, DTD=5, PA=225, FPPG=9.6, TFP=153
Arizona Cardinals helmet
Arizona Cardinals
Bye 8
+4 CSWR: Ranked 18th among DFs
CBS: Ranked 22nd among DEFs
GAM=16, FREC=10, INT=7, SACK=40, DTD=0, PA=442, FPPG=4.6, TFP=74
Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmet
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Bye 13
+2 CSWR: Ranked 10th among DFs
CBS: Ranked 12th among DEFs
GAM=16, FREC=16, INT=12, SACK=47, DTD=6, PA=449, FPPG=8.7, TFP=139

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