• 1 1
    Christian McCaffrey
    Panthers, #34, 4 yrs exp, 25 yo, Bye 13
  • 2 3
    Derrick Henry
    Titans, #34, 5 yrs exp, 27 yo, Bye 13
  • 3 5
    Alvin Kamara
    Saints, #34, 4 yrs exp, 26 yo, Bye 6
  • 4 2
    Dalvin Cook
    Vikings, #34, 4 yrs exp, 26 yo, Bye 7
  • 5 4
    Ezekiel Elliott
    Cowboys, #34, 5 yrs exp, 26 yo, Bye 7
  • 6 8
    Jonathan Taylor
    Colts, #34, 1 yr exp, 23 yo, Bye 14
  • 7 12
    Saquon Barkley
    Giants, #0, 3 yrs exp, 24 yo, Bye 10
  • 8 6
    Aaron Jones
    Packers, #34, 4 yrs exp, 27 yo, Bye 13
  • 9 7
    Nick Chubb
    Browns, #34, 3 yrs exp, 26 yo, Bye 13
  • 10 13
    Austin Ekeler
    Chargers, #30, 4 yrs exp, 26 yo, Bye 7
  • 11 9
    Antonio Gibson
    Team, #80, 1 yr exp, 23 yo, Bye 9
  • 12 10
    Najee Harris
    Steelers, #22, Rookie, 23 yo, Bye 7
  • 13 11
    Joe Mixon
    Bengals, #34, 4 yrs exp, 25 yo, Bye 10
  • 14 14
    Clyde Edwards-Helaire
    Chiefs, #34, 1 yr exp, 22 yo, Bye 12
  • 15 15
    David Montgomery
    Bears, #34, 2 yrs exp, 24 yo, Bye 10
  • 16 17
    James Robinson
    Jaguars, #38, 1 yr exp, 23 yo, Bye 7
  • 17 16
    Chris Carson
    Seahawks, #34, 4 yrs exp, 27 yo, Bye 9
  • 18 18
    Damien Harris
    Patriots, #34, 2 yrs exp, 24 yo, Bye 14
  • 19 19
    Gus Edwards
    Ravens, #35, 3 yrs exp, 26 yo, Bye 8
  • 20 22
    De'Andre Swift
    Lions, #0, Rookie, 23 yo, Bye 9
  • 21 21
    Mike Davis
    Falcons, #22, 5 yrs exp, 28 yo, Bye 6
  • 22 24
    Miles Sanders
    Eagles, #34, 2 yrs exp, 24 yo, Bye 14
  • 23 20
    Myles Gaskin
    Dolphins, #34, 2 yrs exp, 24 yo, Bye 14
  • 24 23
    Josh Jacobs
    Raiders, #34, 2 yrs exp, 23 yo, Bye 8
  • 25 26
    Darrell Henderson
    Rams, #0, 2 yrs exp, 24 yo, Bye 11
  • 26 27
    Javonte Williams
    Broncos, #25, Rookie, 21 yo, Bye 11
  • 27 25
    Raheem Mostert
    49ers, #41, 5 yrs exp, 29 yo, Bye 6
  • 28 29
    Kareem Hunt
    Browns, #34, 3 yrs exp, 26 yo, Bye 13
  • 29 33
    James Conner
    Cardinals, #34, 4 yrs exp, 26 yo, Bye 12
  • 30 28
    Chase Edmonds
    Cardinals, #34, 3 yrs exp, 27 yo, Bye 12
  • 31 31
    Melvin Gordon
    Broncos, #28, 6 yrs exp, 28 yo, Bye 11
  • 32 32
    Michael Carter
    Jets, #8, Rookie, 22 yo, Bye 6
  • 33 30
    Trey Sermon
    49ers, #8, Rookie, 22 yo, Bye 6
  • 34 36
    Ronald Jones
    Buccaneers, #34, 3 yrs exp, 24 yo, Bye 9
  • 35 34
    A.J. Dillon
    Packers, #34, 1 yr exp, 23 yo, Bye 13
  • 36 35
    Devin Singletary
    Bills, #34, 2 yrs exp, 24 yo, Bye 7
  • 37 37
    Jamaal Williams
    Lions, #34, 3 yrs exp, 26 yo, Bye 9
  • 38 38
    Tony Jones
    Saints, #37, 1 yr exp, 24 yo, Bye 6
  • 39 40
    Zach Moss
    Bills, #34, Rookie, 24 yo, Bye 7
  • 40 43
    Leonard Fournette
    Buccaneers, #23, 4 yrs exp, 27 yo, Bye 9
  • 41 41
    Sony Michel
    Rams, #34, 3 yrs exp, 26 yo, Bye 11
  • 42 44
    Kenyan Drake
    Raiders, #34, 4 yrs exp, 27 yo, Bye 8
  • 43 42
    Tony Pollard
    Cowboys, #34, 2 yrs exp, 25 yo, Bye 7
  • 44 46
    Alexander Mattison
    Vikings, #34, 2 yrs exp, 25 yo, Bye 7
  • 45 39
    Ty'Son Williams
    Ravens, #34, Rookie, 25 yo, Bye 8
  • 46 49
    Justin Jackson
    Chargers, #34, 3 yrs exp, 27 yo, Bye 7
  • 47 47
    Rhamondre Stevenson
    Patriots, #29, Rookie, 23 yo, Bye 14
  • 48 48
    Mark Ingram
    Texans, #22, 8 yrs exp, 32 yo, Bye 10
  • 49 45
    Tevin Coleman
    Jets, #26, 5 yrs exp, 28 yo, Bye 6
  • 50 51
    James White
    Patriots, #28, 7 yrs exp, 29 yo, Bye 14
  • 51 50
    Darrel Williams
    Chiefs, #31, 3 yrs exp, 26 yo, Bye 12
  • 52 52
    Giovani Bernard
    Buccaneers, #25, 8 yrs exp, 30 yo, Bye 9
  • 53 53
    J.D. McKissic
    Team, #30, 4 yrs exp, 28 yo, Bye 9
  • 54 54
    Nyheim Hines
    Colts, #34, 3 yrs exp, 25 yo, Bye 14
  • 55 56
    Wayne Gallman
    Falcons, #34, 4 yrs exp, 27 yo, Bye 6
  • 56
    Samaje Perine
    Bengals, #34, 4 yrs exp, 26 yo, Bye 10
  • 57 55
    Phillip Lindsay
    Texans, #30, 3 yrs exp, 27 yo, Bye 10
  • 58 57
    Damien Williams
    Bears, #34, 7 yrs exp, 29 yo, Bye 10
  • 59
    Latavius Murray
    Saints, #28, 6 yrs exp, 32 yo, Bye 6
  • 60 60
    Salvon Ahmed
    Dolphins, #26, 1 yr exp, 23 yo, Bye 14
  • 61
    David Johnson
    Texans, #31, 6 yrs exp, 30 yo, Bye 10
  • 62
    Rashaad Penny
    Seahawks, #34, 3 yrs exp, 25 yo, Bye 9
  • 63
    Trayveon Williams
    Bengals, #34, 2 yrs exp, 2 yo, Bye 10
  • 64 59
    Kenneth Gainwell
    Eagles, #19, Rookie, 22 yo, Bye 14
  • 65 58
    Chuba Hubbard
    Panthers, #80, Rookie, 22 yo, Bye 13
  • 66
    Xavier Jones
    Rams, #25, 2 yrs exp, 24 yo, Bye 11
  • 67
    J.K. Dobbins
    Ravens, #34, 1 yr exp, 23 yo, Bye 8
  • 68
    Qadree Ollison
    Falcons, #30, 2 yrs exp, 25 yo, Bye 6
  • 69
    Travis Etienne
    Jaguars, #9, Rookie, 22 yo, Bye 7
  • 70
    Malcom Brown
    Dolphins, #39, 4 yrs exp, 28 yo, Bye 14
  • 71
    Tarik Cohen
    Bears, #34, 4 yrs exp, 26 yo, Bye 10
  • 72
    Todd Gurley
    Falcons, #30, 6 yrs exp, 27 yo, Bye 6
  • 73
    Joshua Kelley
    Chargers, #34, 1 yr exp, 24 yo, Bye 7
  • 74
    Marlon Mack
    Colts, #34, 4 yrs exp, 25 yo, Bye 14
  • 75
    Jeff Wilson
    49ers, #0, 3 yrs exp, 26 yo, Bye 6

How to Create Custom Fantasy Football Rankings Using This Cheat Sheet

This custom fantasy football cheat sheet creation tool allows your to create informative fantasy cheat sheets in a fun and intuitive manner. This customizable cheatsheet provides a wide-range of functionality including:

  • Customized rankings using drag & drop
  • Fantasy Rankings from other expert sites to compare against
  • Player info such as name, team positions, number, age, & bye week
  • Relevant statistics for each fantasy position
  • Fantasy point output calculations for easy comparisons
  • A configurable note for each player
  • Tags to easily mark a player as a bust, sleeper, or injured

This football cheat sheet tool is completely free

It is absolutely free to use this custom football cheat sheet creator. Without registering, you can rank fantasy players for all six primary fantasy football positions, view their statistics from the previous season, quickly access news on those players, and more.

However, to take advantage of the full functionality available in this tool, you must first register for a free account. I'll never ask you for money, this custom sheet is completely free.

Click on any of these links to jump to an explanation of that custom cheat sheet feature:

  1. Registering for a free account
  2. Creating a custom cheat sheet
  3. Managing your cheat sheets
  4. Editing a cheat sheet's properties
  5. Ranking players on your custom sheet
  6. Search players news from your sheet
  7. Utilize team depth chart view for quick team analysis
  8. View expert rankings as you edit your sheet
  9. Validating your cheat shet against experts
  10. Quickly view important player information
  11. Utilize configurable tags for sleepers or busts
  12. View detailed and summary player statistics
  13. Keep notes on any players in your sheet
  14. Create a draft-ready printable cheat sheet

Register for a free account!

In order for us to remember who you are (and more importantly which fantasy cheat sheets belong to you), you must register for a free account. After you register, the application will remember which sheets belong to you and make them accessible each time you return to the site. If you do not register, any cheat sheets you have created or edited will be lost when your session expires.

Registration also unlocks the ablity for advanced cheat sheet features:

  • Create any number of customizable football cheat sheets for any number of fantasy football leagues
  • Add and remove players from your cheat sheet
  • Generate a printable football cheat sheet using your custom rankings.
  • Export your football sheet rankings to a formatted spreadsheet for custom analysis
  • Order your players using either statistics or supplemental rankings from other experts.
  • Validate your NFL cheat sheet against other fantasy experts

Creating your custom fantasy football cheat sheet

When you initially create a custom football cheat sheet using this tool, all of the available data and functionality will be integrated into your sheet automatically (assuming you're registered). You can create custom sheets based on one fantasy position or combine multiple positions into a single cheat sheet.

Players added to a single position cheat sheet

When you create a cheat sheet based on a single fantasy position, the number of players that are initially added to your sheet will depend on the fantasy position on which your sheet is based.

Single Position Cheat Sheet Configuration

The number of players chosen reflects the maximum number of players (for each respective position) that can be exported to our single-page, printable fantasy football cheat sheet with roster area:

  • Quarterbacks: 40 Players
  • Running Backs: 75 Players
  • Wide Receivers: 75 Players
  • Tight Ends: 35 Players
  • Kickers: 32 Players
  • Defenses: 32 Players

If you need more players than are added to a sheet by default, you can add as many players as you want by editing your sheet.

Custom sheets based on multiple positions

If you choose to create a customized football sheet based on multiple positions, the number of players added to your sheet is determined by positions chosen.

Single Position Cheat Sheet Configuration

Simply add together the players that would be added on a single sheet based on the positions selected. The one exception is that we cap the maximum players that are added to a sheet by default at 200. However, you can add as many players to your sheet as you choose, as we'll explain next.

Quickly access features on the Manage Sheets page

The Manage Sheets page is a centralized location to access and configure each custom cheat sheet that you've created. It's a quick way to determine how many players are on your sheets, when they were last updated, the positions included in the sheet, etc.

Manage Cheat Sheets Interface

You can also quickly access cheat sheet-specific features from the Manage Sheets page using the buttons beside each sheet:

Manage Cheat Sheets Features

Edit your cheatsheet to add or remove players

If you are a registered user, you can edit your cheat sheet settings at any time. You'll edit your sheet when you want to either rename your sheet or add/remove players from your customized sheet.

To edit a fantasy cheat sheet, click the edit button under your sheet dropdown at the top of your sheet.

Button to edit your custom cheat sheet

On the Edit Sheet page, you can change the sheet name at the top. To add or remove players from your cheatsheet, simply select the player and click on the arrow to move them between your sheet and the player pool.

Form for editing your custom chestsheet properties.

Other cheat sheet properties may be available depending on the time of the year and whether the NFL season has started.

Ordering players on your cheat sheet

The most important feature of your custom cheat sheet is the ability to order your players. To change a player’s ranking you first need to position your cursor over the drag handle (the portion of the player template nex to the player rank containing the team colors), then click & hold down the left mouse button to select the player.

Selecting a football player to rank.

After clicking your left mouse button, the player template will become draggable. Still holding down the mouse button, you should now be able to drag the player to a different position on your cheat sheet. The position where the player will be dropped should be highlighted as your move your player up and down.

Dragging a football player to a different position.

When you change a player's ranking on your custom sheet, the change is saved automatically!

Researching player news as you customize your sheet

When updating your NFL cheat sheets, it is imperative that you stay current on player news throughout the league. The NFL preseason is a very volatile time and any tidbit of information you can garner on a player will give you a critical edge.

To simplify the process of searching for player news, we provide a Google News Search button to each player template. Simply click on the newspaper button next to the player that you want to research.

Searching fantasy football player news.

After cliking on the news button, the most recent Google News Search results will be displayed in a separate window.

Google News player search results from cheat sheet.

Quickly evaulate players on a team with depth chart view

When considering how to rank a particular player on a cheat sheet, it's common to consider how other players on the same team are ranked. For instance, if I was trying to rank Alvin Kamara, I might want to quickly check where Mark Ingram is ranked on my sheet.

I may even want to see how other experts have those two player ranked. All of this information is made quicly available with the depth chart view feature. Just hover your mouse over the depth chart button and you'll see all of this data at a glance.

Custom cheat sheet depth chart view

You can even jump to the oter player within your cheat sheet by clicking on his name in the depth cart view popup.

Custom cheat sheet depth chart view

Viewing expert rankings from other sites within the sheet

It is often worthwhile to double-check your cheat sheet rankings against football sheets maintained by other fantasy experts. In each of our player templates we include that player's ranking from one or more fantasy experts.

Football player template with supplemental rankings.

If you hover your mouse above the magnifying glass next to the expert rankings area, a popup will appear which indicates which expert created the ranking and a link to their cheat sheet.

Football player template with supplemental popup.

This feature is a nice way to casually evaluate your cheat sheet rankings against others as you work on your sheet. But as we'll see next there is much easier way to perform a sanity check of your entire sheet with the click of a button.

Validate your custom sheet against industry experts

It's useful to compare your rankings against experts as you rank, but sometimes you want to quickly run a sanity check on your entire cheat sheet to ensure you're not too far off with any of your rankings.

In order to accomplish this, we provide a validate sheet feature. To access this feature, simply click the checkmark button under your cheat sheet drop down.

Button to validate a custom sheet.

After you click the validate sheet button, you'll be taken to the Validate Sheet page where you can quickly see how your rankings stack-up against the expert your cheat sheet is based upon. This page is packed with actionable data and quick correction buttons to easily fine-tune your sheet:

  • View and adjust players you have ranked too high
  • View and adjust players you have ranked too low
  • Suggestions for players you should add to your sheet (with quick add buttons)
  • Suggestions for players you should remove to your sheet (with quick remove buttons)
  • A color-coded snapshot of your entire cheat sheet problematic players highlighted
  • Variable validation sensitivity

Here is a snapshot of the Validation Sheet page and the many features it contains.

Interface for validating football cheat sheets

Player info integrated into each sheet

Each player template that comprises your cheat sheet includes useful information about that player:

  • Player Name
  • Position - Useful if your sheet includes multiple positions
  • Number - Not very useful but pertinent
  • Team - Necessary for players that you're unfamiliar with
  • Experience - The number of years the player has played in the NFL
  • Bye Week - Click to view all bye weeks for all teams
  • Age - Useful because players start to decline at different ages
Football player template with supplemental popup.

Easily mark a player a sleeper, bust, or injured

In fantasy football, there are common attributes that we frequently assign to a player, two of the most common being sleeper and bust. Because these attributes are so common, we created a simple way to tag a player with one of these attributes (as opposed to manually typing 'sleeper' or 'bust' in the player's configurable note area).

We also threw in a injured tag so you can easily spot those players who are hobbled. Tagging a player as a sleeper, bust, or injured is as simple as clicking on the 'Sleeper', 'Bust', or 'Injured' buttons under a player's name. To 'un-tag' a player, you can simply click on the tag again to de-activate it.

Football player tagging as sleeper, bust, or injured.

When you generate any printable version of your football cheat sheet, tags that you activated on your cheat sheet will be transferred and placed next to the respective player for easy reference.

Player Tag in Printable Sheet

Condensed and actionable players statistics

Player templates display the following summary statistics from the previous year to easily compare players. These statistics are generated based on fantasy point output using the standard fantasy football scoring system.

  • Total Fantasy Points (TFP)
  • Total Fantasy Points Rank
  • Fantasy Points Per Game (FPPG)
  • Fantasy Points Per Game Rank

The reason we rank players based on Total Fantasy Points and Total Fantasy Points per Game is so that you can easily compare players in your sheet at a glance and in the proper context.

For instance, we can see below that Desean Watson was only the 25th ranked QB in total fantasy points, but he was the top QB in the league in 2017 when you consider his fantasy point per game output. That type of data is critical to know when you're manipulating your sheet.

These fantasy stats total fantasy point output based on your league's scoring rules.

If you need to drill-down deeper into a player's individual statistics, simply hover your mouse over the magnifying glass next to the respective player's summary stats and a popup will appear containing detailed stats.

This popup generated NFL player individual statistics.

Keep notes on players as you configure your sheet

Because we all have our own criteria for determining a player's rank, we have integrated an editable note area into each player template. This is meant to serve as a general catch-all for any information that you want to note for a particular player.

This information will be preserved in your sheet and available when you generate a printable version of your sheet. To add a custom note about a player, click the pencil button in the respective player template.

Create a custom note about an NFL player.

Generating a printable cheat sheet for your draft

When you have completed your player rankings, it is time to generate a printable fantasy football cheat sheet for your draft. This is the final sheet that will integrate all of your player rankings (as well as tags, notes, etc) into a condensed, organized football sheet.

As you're placing your picks on your league's fantasy football draft board, use your cheat sheet to help dictate your picks.

When deciding on the format for your printable rankings, the first question you must ask yourself is if you want all of your positions integrated into a single cheat sheet, or if you want to print-out one sheet per position.

If you choose the multi-sheet option (one position per sheet), you will be able to add more information to your cheat sheet, such as your configurable note or player rankings from the previous season. With the single-sheet option, you get the convenience of only having to reference a single sheet- but notes will be included on a second sheet.

Quickly generate a position-specific sheet

To generate a position-specific cheat sheet, click on the 'print' button underneath the cheat sheet dropdown in the sheet header.

Generated a printable cheat sheet for a single fantasy position.

This will generate a printable sheet which contains your rankings for the respective position. If you want to see what a positional cheat sheet looks like, check out our free QB cheat sheet which looks identical to the printable cheat sheet you'll be generating.

The one big bonus of printing position-specific sheets is that we'll also add any notes you've added about a player right next to their name in your printable football sheet:

Player Note in Positional Cheat  Sheet

Printing a single cheat sheet with all positional rankings

To print a single cheat sheet with all of your fantasy positions included, click on the '1-Sheet Printable' link in the sheet header.

Generated a printable cheat sheet for a single fantasy position.

After you click the 1-Sheet Printable option, you will be taken to a page where you can configure how your printable cheat sheet should be formatted. You'll indicate which individual customized cheat sheets to be included (in case you've created multiple sheets based on the same position for various fantasy leagues) and the printable format you prefer.

Choosing Ranking Sources

Our application allows you to create cheat sheets based on each of the major fantasy football positions (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DST). You can even create multiple sheets based a single position if you wish (this would be useful if you were preparing for multiple drafts in leagues with different scoring configurations).

When configuring your printable sheet, any fantasy positions for which you have created only one sheet will be populated automatically next to their respective position. For these you don't have to do anything.

Choosing positions for fantasy football cheat sheet.

If you have created multiple sheets for a particular position, you will have to choose which of those sheets to be referenced when the printable sheet is generated.

Choosing positions for fantasy football cheat sheet.

The positions for which you have not created a sheet for will be populated by NFL player rankings from one of the available expert sources. This will allow you to create a complete printable cheat sheet, even if you didn't create your own rankings for a few positions.

Choosing positions for fantasy football cheat sheet.

Choosing your preferred printed sheet format

There are currently two formats to choose from when generating your printable cheat sheet. Both sheet formats display player rankings based on your specified cheat sheets and also include a printable roster area to enter your draft picks.

The difference between the two formats is that one integrates the roster area into a single sheet print-out while the other provides the roster area on a separate sheet. Thus, the single sheet solution has a smaller number of players and the multi-sheet solution has a larger number of players.

You will need to examine both formats to decide which format is right for you depending on the number of players chosen at your draft. If your league rules dictate small roster sizes, then the single-sheet solution may work best.

But if your league configuration calls for a larger roster size (15+ players), with 12 or more teams, it would probably be safer to utilize the multi-sheet option which offers a larger list of players and places the roster area on a second sheet. Both sheet formats are previewed below.

Printed Sheet Format 1 Printed Sheet Format 2
mouse-over to enlarge
mouse-over to enlarge
mouse-over to enlarge