About Cheat Sheet War Room

Cheat Sheet War Room was born from my frustration with creating fantasy cheat sheets for my various fantasy football drafts. For me, the process of creating fantasy football cheat sheets has always been fun, but I routinely found myself spending more time creating, populating, and formating my spreadsheets than I spent actually manipulating my fantasy football player rankings.

Being a software developer by trade, I recognized that many of the steps I was performing on my spreadsheet-based cheat sheets could be automated. In addition, if I could store all of the player data and statistics in a database, cheat sheets could calculate fantasy point output according to specific league scoring rules beyond the stantard fantasy football points system. Finally, by incorporating all of my desired functionality into a single, dynamic, intuitive, drag & drop interface, I could both erase the prep time needed to create, populate, and format my cheat sheets while also reducing the time needed to manipulate my player rankings.

Armed with my idea (and the need to learn ASP.net programming for my new job) I started working and within a year launched the first version of Chat Sheet War Room. Since its launch, this application has gained a strong following in the fantasy football community and people have been amazed that an application with so much functionality could be completely free. I regularly receive positive feedback from our users and try my best to incorporate any suggestions into the application.

Since the problems associated with cheat sheet creation are common to all fantasy sports, shouldn't there be a free cheat sheet creation interface for every fantasy sport imaginable? My ultimate goal is to create a community where fantasy sports enthusists can gather to research player news, discuss player rankings, and apply that knowledge directly to their fantasy cheat sheets in an intuitive manner.

When preparing for your fantasy draft, your time should be spent creating educated rankings based on the most relevant and current player information available. Time spent formatting spreadsheets and scouring the web for useful information is time wasted. The days of clumsily copying and pasting players around a spreadsheet using outdated information are over. Separate yourself from the competition by creating custom player rankings in a fraction of the time, for free.

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