2023 Fantasy Football Busts

Our fantasy football busts are determined dynamically by comparing our 2023 NFL football rankings against other reputable sources. Busts are assigned a score based on the ranking differential, with the highest negative score being those busts who are most likely under-play their projected value.

Quarterback Busts

New England Patriots helmet
Mac Jones
#10 NE Patriots - 2 years exp , Bye 11
-5 CSWR: Ranked 33rd among QBs
CBS: Ranked 28th among QBs
GAM=14, PAYD=2997, PATD=14, RUCA=47, RUYD=102, RUTD=1, INT=11, FUM=1, FPPG=14, TFP=196
Seattle Seahawks helmet
Geno Smith
#7 SEA Seahawks - 10 years exp , Bye 5
-4 CSWR: Ranked 19th among QBs
CBS: Ranked 15th among QBs
GAM=17, PAYD=4282, PATD=30, RUCA=68, RUYD=366, RUTD=1, INT=11, FUM=4, FPPG=21.4, TFP=364
Washington Commanders helmet
Sam Howell
#7 WAS Commanders - 1 years exp , Bye 14
-4 CSWR: Ranked 25th among QBs
CBS: Ranked 21st among QBs
GAM=1, PAYD=169, PATD=1, RUCA=5, RUYD=35, RUTD=1, INT=1, FUM=0, FPPG=20.3, TFP=20

Running Back Busts

Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmet
Rachaad White
#3 TB Buccaneers - 1 years exp , Bye 5
-7 CSWR: Ranked 27th among RBs
CBS: Ranked 20th among RBs
GAM=16, RUCA=129, RUYD=481, RUTD=1, RETR=58, RECP=50, REYD=290, RETD=2, FUM=3, FPPG=5.6, TFP=89
Pittsburgh Steelers helmet
Jaylen Warren
#30 PIT Steelers - 1 years exp , Bye 6
-7 CSWR: Ranked 42nd among RBs
CBS: Ranked 35th among RBs
GAM=16, RUCA=77, RUYD=379, RUTD=1, RETR=33, RECP=28, REYD=214, RETD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=4.1, TFP=65
Chicago Bears helmet
Khalil Herbert
#24 CHI Bears - 2 years exp , Bye 13
-5 CSWR: Ranked 35th among RBs
CBS: Ranked 30th among RBs
GAM=13, RUCA=129, RUYD=731, RUTD=4, RETR=12, RECP=9, REYD=57, RETD=1, FUM=0, FPPG=8.4, TFP=109

Wide Receiver Busts

Washington Commanders helmet
Jahan Dotson
#5 WAS Commanders - 1 years exp , Bye 14
-5 CSWR: Ranked 26th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 21st among WRs
GAM=12, RETR=61, RECP=35, REYD=523, RETD=7, RUYD=-7, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=7.8, TFP=94
Houston Texans helmet
Nico Collins
#73 HOU Texans - 2 years exp , Bye 7
-5 CSWR: Ranked 49th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 44th among WRs
GAM=10, RETR=66, RECP=37, REYD=481, RETD=2, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=6, TFP=60
Minnesota Vikings helmet
Jordan Addison
#3 MIN Vikings - Rookie , Bye 13
-4 CSWR: Ranked 38th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 34th among WRs

Tight End Busts

Buffalo Bills helmet
Dalton Kincaid
#86 BUF Bills - Rookie , Bye 13
-4 CSWR: Ranked 14th among TEs
CBS: Ranked 10th among TEs
New England Patriots helmet
Hunter Henry
#0 NE Patriots - 6 years exp , Bye 11
-4 CSWR: Ranked 31st among TEs
CBS: Ranked 27th among TEs
GAM=16, RETR=59, RECP=41, REYD=509, RETD=2, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=3.9, TFP=63
New Orleans Saints helmet
Juwan Johnson
#83 NO Saints - 3 years exp , Bye 11
-3 CSWR: Ranked 17th among TEs
CBS: Ranked 14th among TEs
GAM=16, RETR=65, RECP=42, REYD=508, RETD=7, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=5.8, TFP=93

Kicker Busts

Tennessee Titans helmet
Mike Badgley
#1 TEN Titans - 5 years exp , Bye 7
-5 CSWR: Ranked 37th among Ks
CBS: Ranked 32nd among Ks
GAM=13, MAFG=24, MIFG=4, MAXP=33, MIXP=1, FPPG=7.1, TFP=92
Atlanta Falcons helmet
Younghoe Koo
#7 ATL Falcons - 6 years exp , Bye 11
-3 CSWR: Ranked 7th among Ks
CBS: Ranked 4th among Ks
GAM=17, MAFG=32, MIFG=5, MAXP=33, MIXP=2, FPPG=6.6, TFP=112
Chicago Bears helmet
Cairo Santos
#5 CHI Bears - 9 years exp , Bye 13
-3 CSWR: Ranked 23rd among Ks
CBS: Ranked 20th among Ks
GAM=16, MAFG=21, MIFG=2, MAXP=27, MIXP=5, FPPG=4.9, TFP=79

Defense Busts

New Orleans Saints helmet
New Orleans Saints
Bye 11
-6 CSWR: Ranked 14th among DFs
CBS: Ranked 8th among DEFs
GAM=17, FREC=7, INT=7, SACK=48, DTD=1, PA=345, FPPG=4.8, TFP=82
Atlanta Falcons helmet
Atlanta Falcons
Bye 11
-4 CSWR: Ranked 30th among DFs
CBS: Ranked 26th among DEFs
GAM=17, FREC=7, INT=10, SACK=21, DTD=2, PA=386, FPPG=4.2, TFP=71
Baltimore Ravens helmet
Baltimore Ravens
Bye 13
-3 CSWR: Ranked 9th among DFs
CBS: Ranked 6th among DEFs
GAM=17, FREC=11, INT=14, SACK=48, DTD=0, PA=315, FPPG=5.8, TFP=98