2017 Fantasy Football Busts

Our fantasy football busts are determined dynamically by comparing our 2017 NFL football rankings against other reputable sources. Busts are assigned a score based on the ranking differential, with the highest negative score being those busts who are most likely under-play their projected value.

Quarterback Busts

Dallas Cowboys helmet
Dak Prescott
#12 DAL Cowboys - 1 years exp , Bye 6
-9 CSWR: Ranked 15th among QBs
CBS: Ranked 6th among QBs
GAM=16, PAYD=3667, PATD=23, RUCA=57, RUYD=282, RUTD=6, INT=4, FUM=4, FPPG=20.8, TFP=333
Washington Redskins helmet
Kirk Cousins
#8 WAS Redskins - 5 years exp , Bye 5
-8 CSWR: Ranked 13th among QBs
CBS: Ranked 5th among QBs
GAM=16, PAYD=4917, PATD=25, RUCA=34, RUYD=96, RUTD=4, INT=12, FUM=3, FPPG=21.9, TFP=350
Cleveland Browns helmet
Brock Osweiler
#17 CLE Browns - 5 years exp , Bye 9
-8 CSWR: Ranked 36th among QBs
CBS: Ranked 28th among QBs
GAM=15, PAYD=2957, PATD=15, RUCA=30, RUYD=131, RUTD=2, INT=16, FUM=1, FPPG=13.3, TFP=199
Jacksonville Jaguars helmet
Blake Bortles
#5 JAC Jaguars - 3 years exp , Bye 8
-7 CSWR: Ranked 20th among QBs
CBS: Ranked 13th among QBs
GAM=16, PAYD=3905, PATD=23, RUCA=58, RUYD=359, RUTD=3, INT=16, FUM=6, FPPG=19, TFP=304
Buffalo Bills helmet
Tyrod Taylor
#5 BUF Bills - 6 years exp , Bye 6
-6 CSWR: Ranked 21st among QBs
CBS: Ranked 15th among QBs
GAM=15, PAYD=3023, PATD=17, RUCA=95, RUYD=580, RUTD=6, INT=6, FUM=2, FPPG=20.1, TFP=301

Running Back Busts

Kansas City Chiefs helmet
Spencer Ware
#32 KC Chiefs - 4 years exp , Bye 10
-45 CSWR: Ranked 61st among RBs
CBS: Ranked 16th among RBs
GAM=14, RUCA=214, RUYD=921, RUTD=3, RETR=42, RECP=33, REYD=447, RETD=2, FUM=3, FPPG=11.5, TFP=161
Philadelphia Eagles helmet
LeGarrette Blount
#29 PHI Eagles - 7 years exp , Bye 10
-42 CSWR: Ranked 49th among RBs
CBS: Ranked 7th among RBs
GAM=16, RUCA=299, RUYD=1161, RUTD=18, RETR=8, RECP=7, REYD=38, RETD=0, FUM=1, FPPG=14.1, TFP=226
Minnesota Vikings helmet
Latavius Murray
#28 MIN Vikings - 3 years exp , Bye 9
-40 CSWR: Ranked 53rd among RBs
CBS: Ranked 13th among RBs
GAM=14, RUCA=195, RUYD=788, RUTD=12, RETR=43, RECP=33, REYD=264, RETD=0, FUM=1, FPPG=12.5, TFP=175
Cincinnati Bengals helmet
Jeremy Hill
#32 CIN Bengals - 3 years exp , Bye 6
-35 CSWR: Ranked 54th among RBs
CBS: Ranked 19th among RBs
GAM=15, RUCA=222, RUYD=839, RUTD=9, RETR=27, RECP=21, REYD=174, RETD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=10.4, TFP=155
Baltimore Ravens helmet
Terrance West
#27 BAL Ravens - 3 years exp , Bye 10
-28 CSWR: Ranked 52nd among RBs
CBS: Ranked 24th among RBs
GAM=16, RUCA=193, RUYD=774, RUTD=5, RETR=45, RECP=34, REYD=236, RETD=1, FUM=0, FPPG=8.6, TFP=137
Jacksonville Jaguars helmet
T.J. Yeldon
#24 JAC Jaguars - 2 years exp , Bye 8
-28 CSWR: Ranked 69th among RBs
CBS: Ranked 41st among RBs
GAM=15, RUCA=130, RUYD=465, RUTD=1, RETR=68, RECP=50, REYD=312, RETD=1, FUM=1, FPPG=5.8, TFP=88
New York Jets helmet
Matt Forte
#22 NYJ Jets - 9 years exp , Bye 11
-22 CSWR: Ranked 43rd among RBs
CBS: Ranked 21st among RBs
GAM=14, RUCA=218, RUYD=813, RUTD=7, RETR=43, RECP=30, REYD=263, RETD=1, FUM=1, FPPG=11, TFP=154
Oakland Raiders helmet
Jalen Richard
#46 OAK Raiders - 1 years exp , Bye 10
-22 CSWR: Ranked 65th among RBs
CBS: Ranked 43rd among RBs
GAM=16, RUCA=83, RUYD=491, RUTD=1, RETR=39, RECP=29, REYD=194, RETD=2, FUM=0, FPPG=5.4, TFP=86
Minnesota Vikings helmet
Jerick McKinnon
#31 MIN Vikings - 3 years exp , Bye 9
-21 CSWR: Ranked 55th among RBs
CBS: Ranked 34th among RBs
GAM=15, RUCA=159, RUYD=539, RUTD=2, RETR=53, RECP=43, REYD=255, RETD=2, FUM=0, FPPG=6.9, TFP=103
Carolina Panthers helmet
Jonathan Stewart
#28 CAR Panthers - 9 years exp , Bye 11
-18 CSWR: Ranked 41st among RBs
CBS: Ranked 23rd among RBs
GAM=13, RUCA=218, RUYD=824, RUTD=9, RETR=21, RECP=8, REYD=60, RETD=0, FUM=2, FPPG=10.6, TFP=138
Washington Redskins helmet
Rob Kelley
#22 WAS Redskins - 1 years exp , Bye 5
-18 CSWR: Ranked 44th among RBs
CBS: Ranked 26th among RBs
GAM=14, RUCA=168, RUYD=704, RUTD=6, RETR=18, RECP=12, REYD=82, RETD=1, FUM=0, FPPG=8.6, TFP=121
Jacksonville Jaguars helmet
Chris Ivory
#33 JAC Jaguars - 7 years exp , Bye 8
-13 CSWR: Ranked 63rd among RBs
CBS: Ranked 50th among RBs
GAM=11, RUCA=117, RUYD=439, RUTD=3, RETR=28, RECP=20, REYD=186, RETD=0, FUM=3, FPPG=6.8, TFP=74
Oakland Raiders helmet
DeAndre Washington
#34 OAK Raiders - 1 years exp , Bye 10
-13 CSWR: Ranked 67th among RBs
CBS: Ranked 54th among RBs
GAM=13, RUCA=87, RUYD=467, RUTD=2, RETR=23, RECP=17, REYD=115, RETD=0, FUM=1, FPPG=5.2, TFP=68
Philadelphia Eagles helmet
Darren Sproles
#43 PHI Eagles - 12 years exp , Bye 10
-12 CSWR: Ranked 42nd among RBs
CBS: Ranked 30th among RBs
GAM=15, RUCA=94, RUYD=438, RUTD=2, RETR=71, RECP=52, REYD=427, RETD=2, FUM=0, FPPG=7.4, TFP=110
Washington Redskins helmet
Chris Thompson
#25 WAS Redskins - 4 years exp , Bye 5
-11 CSWR: Ranked 48th among RBs
CBS: Ranked 37th among RBs
GAM=16, RUCA=68, RUYD=356, RUTD=3, RETR=62, RECP=49, REYD=349, RETD=2, FUM=1, FPPG=6.2, TFP=98

Wide Receiver Busts

Cincinnati Bengals helmet
Brandon LaFell
#19 CIN Bengals - 7 years exp , Bye 6
-42 CSWR: Ranked 75th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 33rd among WRs
GAM=16, RETR=107, RECP=64, REYD=862, RETD=6, RUYD=-2, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=7.6, TFP=122
Los Angeles Chargers helmet
Tyrell Williams
#16 SD Chargers - 2 years exp , Bye 9
-37 CSWR: Ranked 49th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 12th among WRs
GAM=16, RETR=119, RECP=69, REYD=1059, RETD=7, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=9.2, TFP=148
Tennessee Titans helmet
Rishard Matthews
#18 TEN Titans - 5 years exp , Bye 8
-28 CSWR: Ranked 41st among WRs
CBS: Ranked 13th among WRs
GAM=16, RETR=108, RECP=65, REYD=945, RETD=9, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=1, FPPG=9.2, TFP=146
Dallas Cowboys helmet
Cole Beasley
#11 DAL Cowboys - 5 years exp , Bye 6
-28 CSWR: Ranked 66th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 38th among WRs
GAM=16, RETR=98, RECP=75, REYD=833, RETD=5, RUYD=7, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=7.1, TFP=114
Miami Dolphins helmet
Kenny Stills
#10 MIA Dolphins - 4 years exp , Bye 11
-25 CSWR: Ranked 51st among WRs
CBS: Ranked 26th among WRs
GAM=16, RETR=81, RECP=42, REYD=726, RETD=9, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=7.9, TFP=127
New York Jets helmet
Quincy Enunwa
#81 NYJ Jets - 3 years exp , Bye 11
-25 CSWR: Ranked 65th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 40th among WRs
GAM=16, RETR=105, RECP=58, REYD=857, RETD=4, RUYD=12, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=6.9, TFP=111
Minnesota Vikings helmet
Adam Thielen
#19 MIN Vikings - 3 years exp , Bye 9
-23 CSWR: Ranked 50th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 27th among WRs
GAM=16, RETR=92, RECP=69, REYD=967, RETD=5, RUYD=15, RUTD=0, FUM=1, FPPG=7.9, TFP=126
Baltimore Ravens helmet
Mike Wallace
#11 BAL Ravens - 8 years exp , Bye 10
-22 CSWR: Ranked 46th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 24th among WRs
GAM=16, RETR=117, RECP=72, REYD=1017, RETD=4, RUYD=31, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=8, TFP=129
Cleveland Browns helmet
Kenny Britt
#18 CLE Browns - 7 years exp , Bye 9
-22 CSWR: Ranked 47th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 25th among WRs
GAM=15, RETR=111, RECP=68, REYD=1002, RETD=5, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=1, FPPG=8.5, TFP=128
New York Giants helmet
Sterling Shepard
#80 NYG Giants - 1 years exp , Bye 8
-21 CSWR: Ranked 57th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 36th among WRs
GAM=16, RETR=105, RECP=65, REYD=683, RETD=8, RUYD=31, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=7.5, TFP=119
Arizona Cardinals helmet
Larry Fitzgerald
#11 ARI Cardinals - 13 years exp , Bye 8
-17 CSWR: Ranked 33rd among WRs
CBS: Ranked 16th among WRs
GAM=16, RETR=150, RECP=107, REYD=1023, RETD=6, RUYD=5, RUTD=0, FUM=1, FPPG=8.6, TFP=137
Carolina Panthers helmet
Kelvin Benjamin
#13 CAR Panthers - 3 years exp , Bye 11
-16 CSWR: Ranked 34th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 18th among WRs
GAM=16, RETR=118, RECP=63, REYD=941, RETD=7, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=1, FPPG=8.4, TFP=134
Atlanta Falcons helmet
Taylor Gabriel
#18 ATL Falcons - 3 years exp , Bye 5
-16 CSWR: Ranked 63rd among WRs
CBS: Ranked 47th among WRs
GAM=12, RETR=50, RECP=35, REYD=579, RETD=6, RUYD=51, RUTD=1, FUM=0, FPPG=8.8, TFP=105
Kansas City Chiefs helmet
Tyreek Hill
#80 KC Chiefs - 1 years exp , Bye 10
-15 CSWR: Ranked 30th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 15th among WRs
GAM=16, RETR=83, RECP=61, REYD=593, RETD=6, RUYD=267, RUTD=3, FUM=1, FPPG=8.6, TFP=138
Detroit Lions helmet
Jeremy Kerley
#11 DET Lions - 6 years exp , Bye 7
-15 CSWR: Ranked 74th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 59th among WRs
GAM=16, RETR=115, RECP=64, REYD=667, RETD=3, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=1, FPPG=5.2, TFP=83
Green Bay Packers helmet
Davante Adams
#17 GB Packers - 3 years exp , Bye 8
-13 CSWR: Ranked 20th among WRs
CBS: Ranked 7th among WRs
GAM=16, RETR=121, RECP=75, REYD=997, RETD=12, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=1, FPPG=10.6, TFP=170
New England Patriots helmet
Brandin Cooks
#10 NE Patriots - 2 years exp , Bye 9
-13 CSWR: Ranked 21st among WRs
CBS: Ranked 8th among WRs
GAM=15, RETR=117, RECP=78, REYD=1173, RETD=8, RUYD=30, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=11.2, TFP=168
Jacksonville Jaguars helmet
Marqise Lee
#11 JAC Jaguars - 3 years exp , Bye 8
-12 CSWR: Ranked 61st among WRs
CBS: Ranked 49th among WRs
GAM=16, RETR=105, RECP=63, REYD=851, RETD=3, RUYD=35, RUTD=0, FUM=1, FPPG=6.5, TFP=105

Tight End Busts

Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmet
Cameron Brate
#84 TB Buccaneers - 3 years exp , Bye 11
-22 CSWR: Ranked 28th among TEs
CBS: Ranked 6th among TEs
GAM=15, RETR=81, RECP=57, REYD=660, RETD=8, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=7.6, TFP=114
Los Angeles Chargers helmet
Antonio Gates
#85 SD Chargers - 14 years exp , Bye 9
-14 CSWR: Ranked 24th among TEs
CBS: Ranked 10th among TEs
GAM=13, RETR=93, RECP=53, REYD=548, RETD=7, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=1, FPPG=7.3, TFP=95
Buffalo Bills helmet
Charles Clay
#85 BUF Bills - 6 years exp , Bye 6
-13 CSWR: Ranked 31st among TEs
CBS: Ranked 18th among TEs
GAM=15, RETR=87, RECP=57, REYD=552, RETD=4, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=5.3, TFP=79
Dallas Cowboys helmet
Jason Witten
#82 DAL Cowboys - 14 years exp , Bye 6
-11 CSWR: Ranked 27th among TEs
CBS: Ranked 16th among TEs
GAM=15, RETR=95, RECP=69, REYD=673, RETD=3, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=1, FPPG=5.6, TFP=83
Washington Redskins helmet
Vernon Davis
#85 WAS Redskins - 11 years exp , Bye 5
-9 CSWR: Ranked 32nd among TEs
CBS: Ranked 23rd among TEs
GAM=15, RETR=59, RECP=44, REYD=583, RETD=2, RUYD=0, RUTD=0, FUM=0, FPPG=4.7, TFP=70

Kicker Busts

Kansas City Chiefs helmet
Cairo Santos
#5 KC Chiefs - 3 years exp , Bye 10
-11 CSWR: Ranked 15th among Ks
CBS: Ranked 4th among Ks
GAM=16, MAFG=31, MIFG=4, MAXP=36, MIXP=3, FPPG=7.1, TFP=114
Philadelphia Eagles helmet
Caleb Sturgis
#6 PHI Eagles - 4 years exp , Bye 10
-10 CSWR: Ranked 13th among Ks
CBS: Ranked 3rd among Ks
GAM=16, MAFG=35, MIFG=6, MAXP=30, MIXP=1, FPPG=7.2, TFP=116
Buffalo Bills helmet
Steven Hauschka
#4 BUF Bills - 8 years exp , Bye 6
-8 CSWR: Ranked 17th among Ks
CBS: Ranked 9th among Ks
GAM=16, MAFG=33, MIFG=4, MAXP=29, MIXP=6, FPPG=6.9, TFP=110
New York Jets helmet
Chandler Catanzaro
#7 NYJ Jets - 3 years exp , Bye 11
-8 CSWR: Ranked 30th among Ks
CBS: Ranked 22nd among Ks
GAM=16, MAFG=21, MIFG=7, MAXP=43, MIXP=4, FPPG=5.1, TFP=81
Tennessee Titans helmet
Ryan Succop
#4 TEN Titans - 8 years exp , Bye 8
-6 CSWR: Ranked 23rd among Ks
CBS: Ranked 17th among Ks
GAM=16, MAFG=22, MIFG=2, MAXP=39, MIXP=2, FPPG=6.1, TFP=97

Defense Busts

Los Angeles Chargers helmet
San Diego Chargers
Bye 9
-15 CSWR: Ranked 18th among DFs
CBS: Ranked 3rd among DEFs
GAM=16, FREC=10, INT=18, SACK=35, DTD=5, PA=423, FPPG=7.8, TFP=125
Buffalo Bills helmet
Buffalo Bills
Bye 6
-14 CSWR: Ranked 27th among DFs
CBS: Ranked 13th among DEFs
GAM=16, FREC=6, INT=12, SACK=39, DTD=3, PA=378, FPPG=5.8, TFP=93
Atlanta Falcons helmet
Atlanta Falcons
Bye 5
-11 CSWR: Ranked 19th among DFs
CBS: Ranked 8th among DEFs
GAM=16, FREC=10, INT=12, SACK=34, DTD=5, PA=406, FPPG=6.8, TFP=108
Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmet
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Bye 11
-9 CSWR: Ranked 13th among DFs
CBS: Ranked 4th among DEFs
GAM=16, FREC=12, INT=17, SACK=38, DTD=4, PA=369, FPPG=7.8, TFP=124
Washington Redskins helmet
Washington Redskins
Bye 5
-8 CSWR: Ranked 28th among DFs
CBS: Ranked 20th among DEFs
GAM=16, FREC=8, INT=13, SACK=38, DTD=0, PA=383, FPPG=5, TFP=80

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