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Our free fantasy racing cheat sheet creation tools allow users to create informative cheat sheets in a fun and intuitive manner. We provide a wide-range of functionality in our racing cheat sheets: ranking drivers using drag & drop, supplemental NASCAR driver rankings to compare against your own rankings, important driver information (name, sponsor, car number, and years of experience), relevant statistics, driver twitter feeds, and a configurable note for each driver. The purpose of this page is to explain all of this functionality in detail.

Please note that to take advantage of all advanced functionality outlined below, you must first register.

  1. System Requirements
  2. Application Performance
  3. Registration
  4. Cheat Sheet Creation
  5. Editing a Sheet
  6. Ranking Drivers
  7. ADP & Supplemental Rankings
  8. Driver Information
  9. Twitter Feeds
  10. Relevant Statistics
  11. Configurable Note
  12. Printable Sheets

System Requirements

This application has been tested in all major web browsers but for best performance we strongly recommend that you use the Firefox web browser. Firefox is much more responsive when ranking players (as opposed to IE, where you have to hold down your mouse button for much longer when selecting a driver). A high-speed internet connection is beneficial, but not required. You must have JavaScript and cookies enabled to use this application because of its interactive nature and the heavy use of AJAX.

Application Performance

Because of the nature of the web, the cheat sheet interface will load and function slower as the number of players on your cheat sheet increases. The degradation in performance is why only a modest number of drivers are added to your sheet when it is initially created. However, as a registered user you are free to add as many drivers as you wish to your sheets, but keep in mind application responsiveness will degrade.

When reordering your drivers, some browsers (especially Internet Explorer) force you to hold down your mouse button for a period of time before you're able to successfully grab a driver for reordering. In IE, as the number of drivers on your sheet increases, the time required to hold down your mouse button for driver selection also increases. This is a big reason why we recommend the Firefox web browser as there is zero delay when selecting a driver.


In order for us to remember who you are (and more importantly which cheat sheets belong to you), you must register for a free account. After you register, the application will remember which sheets belong to you and make them accessible each time you return to the site. If you do not register, any cheat sheets you have edited will be lost when you leave the site.

Registration also unlocks the ablity for advanced cheat sheet features:
  • The ability to create any number of cheat sheets for any number of fantasy racing leagues.
  • The ability to add and remove drivers from your cheat sheet.
  • The ability to generate a printable racing cheat sheet using your custom rankings.
  • The ability to export your cheat sheet rankings to a spreadsheet.
  • The ability to re-sort your drivers using either statistics or supplemental NASCAR player rankings.

Cheat Sheet Creation

When you initially create a fantasy racing cheat sheet, all of the available data and functionality will be integrated into your sheet automatically. Initially, 32 drivers will be added to your sheet.

Editing a Sheet

If you are a registered user, you can edit your cheat sheet's properties at any time. As a registered user, you can freely add and remove drivers from your cheat sheet as desired. While the cheat sheet names for visitor sheets are fixed, you can re-name your cheat sheets however you choose. Finally, through the 'Edit Sheet' functionality, you can re-sort your drivers at any time using either statistics or a supplemental source.

Ranking Drivers

The most important aspect of cheat sheet creation is the ability to easily manipulate your driver rankings. To change a driver’s ranking you first need to position your cursor over the drag handle (the portion of the driver template with the checkered pattern), then click and hold down the mouse button. The length of time you have to hold down your mouse button when selecting a driver varies widely based on both your web browser and the number of drivers in your cheat sheet. For instance, Firefox (whichs is the browser we strongly recommend) responds immediately regardless of the number of drivers in your sheet, while in Internet Explorer the responsiveness is much slower and decreases as the number of drivers on your sheet increases.

Selecting a NASCAR driver to rank.

After holding down your mouse button for some period of time, the player template will become draggable. Still holding down the mouse button, you should now be able to drag the player to a different position on your cheat sheet. The position where the player will be dropped should be highlighted.

Dragging a NASCAR driver to a different position.

ADP & Supplemental Ranking

When creating your own rankings it is often useful to compare you rankings against others. One way we keep track of driver value is through Average Draft Position (ADP) calculation. ADP is just that, the average position that each driver is ranked across our fantasy racing sheets. The ADP is the top number listed next to your own rank.

Racing cheat sheet with ADP calculation.

In addition , we also list our own NASCAR driver rankings which are displayed right below ADP.

Racing cheat sheet with CSWR rank.

If you hover your mouse over the magnifying class icon next to our spplemental rankings, a popup will appear which explains the value that each number represents.

Racing cheat sheet with supplemental ranking popup.

Driver Information

Each driver template includes critical information about that driver: car number, driver name, driver experience (in years), and car make.

Racing cheat sheet with driver information.

Twitter Feeds

Twitter has emerged as one of the best resources for delivering current driver news, and unlike media outlets, tweets come directly from the drivers themselves. We have integrated Twitter into our racing sheets so that you can quickly view the latest tweets from each driver. To view a drivers most recent tweets, simply click on the Twitter icon.

Racing cheat sheet with twitter icon.

After clicking on the Twitter icon, a new page will be generated which contains that driver's latest tweets.

Latest tweets for a particular driver.

Relevant Statistics

Each of our sheets integrates important driver statistics to assist in your rankings.

Racing cheat sheet with driver statistics.

In addition to the statistics visible in the driver template, you can view even more statistics by hovering your mouse over the magnifying glass icon right after that statistics area.

Racing cheat sheet with driver statistics in popup.

Configurable Note

Because we cannot predict all of the attributes that you value in a driver, we have integrated an editable note area into each driver template. This is meant to serve as a general catch-all for any information that you want to add for a particular driver.

Racing cheat sheet with custom note.

Generating a Printable Sheet

Generating a printable fantasy NASCAR racing cheat sheet to bring to your fantasy racing draft is as simple as clicking on the 'Printable Sheet' link at the top of your sheet.

Racing cheat sheet with printable option.

After clicking the 'Printable Sheet' link, a new page will be generated with a printable version of your cheat sheet. This printable includes up to

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