Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheet War Room is a completely free online tool for creating customized fantasy football cheat sheets. Our custom fantasy football cheat sheet incorporates an assortment of useful information directly into the cheat sheet itself. This allows you to easily create educated rankings without having to scour the web for player information or hassle with clumsy spreadsheets. Each of our free, interactive fantasy NFL cheat sheets includes the following features:

Football Cheat Sheet Features

  • Simple Drag & Drop Interface

    Just point, click, and drag players to create custom rankings

  • Supplemental Player Rankings

    Compare your rankings against supplemental 2017 NFL player rankings

  • Configurable Tags

    Easily tag a player as a sleeper, bust, or injured and transfer this to your printable cheat sheet

  • Configurable Notes

    Add custom notes on each player to assist in your rankings

  • Player News Search

    Search recent NFL player news with a custom search engine

  • Sheet Customization Tools

    Easily add players to your sheet, remove players from your sheet, or sort players based on key stats

  • Comprehensive Player Profiles

    Each player template includes player name, team, years of experience, number, and bye week

  • Critical Statistics

    Position-specific stats including point output based on the standard fantasy football scoring system

  • Export Capability

    Export your rankings and all cheat sheet data to a spreadsheet for further processing

  • Social Bookmarking & Networking

    Easily bookmark your sheets and share with your friends

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